The Gathering

The Eric Liddell Centre
15 Morningside Road
Edinburgh, UK
EH10 4DP

What to expect at The Gathering, our primary meeting time…

Crossroads is incredibly welcoming, and if you are joining us for the first time you can expect to be warmly greeted. Before starting we spend a little time chatting and connecting relationally. Our worship team will then lead us in a time of contemporary worship to intentionally help us drawing in close to God. We often will pray and encourage each other during this time. Tom, our team leader, or someone from our leadership team will give an interactive teaching from the Bible that has relevance for our lives today.

Following the talk, there is often an opportunity to respond to the message through discussion or receiving prayer. The seating in our meeting space is around tables, and many have compared it to the feel of a family dinner. Full free meals are served on the first Sunday of each month. We love eating together and just being together like family.